Initial setting of app

Calculator-R requires registration of a PIN before use.  It is not necessary to register any other personal information. When you start Calculator-R for the first time after downloading it from AppStore, the initial setting screen is displayed.  On the initial setting screen, the features of the app and the method of inputting your PIN are easily summarized.  As you proceed, the screen for registering your PIN will be displayed. The password is a four-digit number.  Enter the number in the blank and press "Register" to complete the initial setting.  An alert about how to enter your PIN will appear after finishing registration.

How to switch to private browse mode

From calculator mode to browse mode When Calculator-R starts, only calculator is displayed.  To switch to the private browse mode, you need to enter your PIN on the calculator. However, you cannot open the browser by inputting just the registered password (four digits) into the calculator. How to enter your PIN For example, if you have registered the password as 9999, enter “0.9999.” on the calculator mode.  Please note that a decimal point is required at two places before and after the password.  The last decimal point is not displayed even if it is pressed.

How to return to calculator mode

When you leave the app, such as by pressing the Home button while using Browse mode, browser mode will automatically exit. The next time you open the app, you will return to the calculator screen, but you can resume browsing in browser mode as long as you enter your PIN.

How to change your PIN

You can change your PIN from the settings screen in the app.  Open the setting screen with the setting button at the top right of the browser screen, and tap the "Change password" to enter the PIN registration screen. As shown in the photo below, enter the 4-digit number  and press “Register” to complete the registration.

If you forget your PIN

If you forget your PIN, you will need to delete the app and reinstall it from the AppStore.  Since this app does not collect information that identifies the user, there is no system to confirm the identity and reissue your PIN. If you reinstall the app, unfortunately all bookmarks and browsing history will be deleted.

Notes on saving images

No images can be saved in this app.  The save destination is the camera roll, which can be viewed from the standard app "Photos". How to save images To download an image from the site you are browsing, touch and hold the image to open the option selection screen, and then tap "Save Image" to save the image to the camera roll. When saving for the first time, an alert will appear asking if you want to allow access to the camera roll, press "Allow". When you don’t allow After you press "Don't allow", you will not be able to save images again next time. If you've press "Don't allow" but now want to save it, you need to change the settings from the standard app "Settings".  Select Settings app → Privacy → Photos → CalclatorR → Add photos only.

Browse mode functions

Calculator-R has the following functions in the private browse mode.  It focuses on simple functions and has almost the same interface as general browser apps. Multi-tab function Save bookmark Auto save history Search function from address bar Swipe left / right from the edge of the screen to go back / forward Automatically switch to full screen when scrolling the screen Open with new tab from long press Save image from long press Homepage settings